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Go for a bike ride, go out for a walk, walk your dog, play with your kids and save the world!

Send a crucial message.

Currently 60% of North Americans are overweight and the health care costs associated with this issue cost Americans over 58 billion $ a year! A leading cause of this problem is obviously our sedentary lifestyles. We've been evolving as animals on this earth for 3 million years living VERY active lifestyles. In fact, a University of Maryland study found that early man used to walk the distance of a marathon every day of his life. That would be considered a 'normal' environment for the animal called a human being. Now the average North American walks a mere 500 feet (200 meters) per day. It's way out of line!

When we stray too far from our natural, active environment, we create other problems - possibly even worse that weight gain. According to a study done by Duke University, after 10 weeks, exercise was as effective in controlling depression as depression medications. And after 10 months, exercise blew the doors off the medication.

It is my hope that people will become inspired by what I am able to demonstrate using human power, and perhaps start to incorporate a bit more human power into their own lives.

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Greg Kolodziejzyk is a Motivational Speaker , and successful software entrepreneur who holds 2 Guinness world records for the most distance travelled by human power in one day on both land and on water. Greg has also completed over a dozen Ironman triathlons including qualifying for and competing at Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.

Greg's next project is something that has never been done before. He plans on crossing the Pacific ocean from Canada to Hawaii under his own power in a custom made, 24 foot long x 3 foot wide completely encapsulated pedal powered boat.

Greg's motivational speech titled "Bold!" is an impactful commentary about the kind of attitude that it takes to accomplish a dream. Greg has lived his life by the words of German Poet Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe "What you can do, or dream you can do, begin it, for Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." Greg's spirit is contagious and his message is vital.

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“Greg’s speech was filled with humour, insight, and inspiration, and left us with a good feeling. He is an engaging speaker and had us wrapped up in his story from beginning to end. We all left the presentation feeling motivated and ready to tackle our next challenge.”

Tammy Wing
Vice President North America

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