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Have you ever wanted something so badly that you would have done anything to get it? And then, part of the way through your journey to get that thing, in the middle of all the suffering and the hell and everything going wrong, you ask yourself; "What on earth was I thinking?".

Sometimes, this is exactly what it takes to be the best in the world, or, the best in YOUR world. Greg's keynote speech titled "Bold!" is an impactful commentary about the kind attitude that it takes to accomplish a dream. According to Greg, when we are bold, and we bite off more than we can chew, this attitude toward accomplishing our goals leads us to being sufficiently excited and motivated about tackling this challenge and as a result, we end up investing the appropriate amount of energy into it. Anything less and we just don't care enough.

Greg's entertaining adventures, and "what was I thinking?" misadventures are based on his entrepreneurial AND athletic experiences. With the 45 minute Bold! presentation, Greg weaves the following key points into his stories.

      • Human power is all about doing more with less and this Bold ideology is crucial for businesses struggling through this challenging economic environment.

      • A strong, motivated VISION is the essential first step toward accomplishing a goal, and a VISION powerful enough to result in success must begin with a Bold objective. It is through your Bold attitude toward your challenge that a powerful VISION will be developed which is required for success. Anything less, and you won’t invest the appropriate amount of energy toward accomplishing your goal.

      • Being Bold will also result in the correct attitude of viewing failure as aspect of success rather than an ending point, and you won’t quit.

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About Greg Kolodziejzyk

  • Age: 47

  • Founder and CEO Image Club, Inc. 1985 to 1994
    acquired by Adobe Systems of Mountain View, CA in 1994

  • Founder of Sharper Cards 1987 to 1997
    acquired by Smart Health Corp of Phoenix, AZ in 1998

Greg retired at age 33 after a successful entrepreneurial career where he launched and built many companies and pioneered new technologies that have become standards today.


Greg Kolodziejzyk is a highly regarded ultra-endurance athlete, 12 time Ironman finisher including qualifying and competing at the Ironman world championships in Hawaii. He has completed over a dozen marathons and qualified for Boston marathon twice.


Greg owns three world records for endurance cycling. No person in history has travelled further on land or water under their own power in one day than Greg. On July 18, 2006 Greg pedalled his human powered vehicle 1041 km in 24 hours, and broke 2 world records - one for the most distance travelled in 24 hours by human power and the second for the fastest 1000 km time trial of 23.2 hours. On September 8, 2008, Greg conquered the water by human power and achieved his third world record by pedalling his human powered boat 245.1 km in 24 hours.

Greg has been featured on Discovery Channel's Daily Planet show twice, on the cover and two-page spread in Popular Science magazine, featured in Men's Health, Wired magazine, National Geographic, Explore Magazine, the 2009 edition of the Guinness World Records book, and dozens of national and local newspapers, TV and radio shows.

To book Greg Kolodziejzyk to speak at your event, call 403-651-2748, or email

Client Comments

"Every year we hold an annual thank you event for our customers. The recipe is always the same .... We invite all of our clients, we present something specific to our industry - and a couple of days later - its all very forgettable. These days, clients expect far more than a sales pitch. I wanted to give them something that would evoke an emotional and far more lasting kind of response. Kind of like a gift. I wanted clients to associate the emotion, inspiration and motivation with our company - not just another "same ol, same ol" pitch. So I sought out various 'me too' presenters. They were either too pre-baked - or too expensive. Then I found Greg. He had something that related to our industry yet was fascinating and completely different. And, he offered something that I felt would tap into the little kid in all of us.

Well let me tell you that Greg hit the ball out of the park that evening. When I introduced Greg and told the audience 'there won't be any sales pitches tonight' ... They actually cheered! As Greg drew people in from the first few sentences - you could tell ... Or rather FEEL this was going to be a fun and inspirational message. After the presentation, everyone I spoke to said it was by far the best event we had ever put on. They were all very grateful to have been invited. I can't wait to see what Greg will come up with for next years event!"

Cyrille Armand
Vice President, Professional Services Western Canada


"Captivating! Greg had the audience from the opening statement….. The best part of the presentation was the realization that a ‘normal everyday person’ can achieve their own ‘greatness’. I was able to take Greg’s experiences, relate to his strategies and see how I could apply them to my own life. Greg helped me to see that I too can and should reach out, be bold, and go for it!"

Carol Short
Insite Systems Consulting Ltd.

"Greg’s presentation was both entertaining and highly inspirational. It was like watching a really great movie, a drama that unfolded before you. Once I was able to catch my breath, I realized that Greg’s message was actually applicable to me too!"

Joanne Quirk-Williams
CGI Canada

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